Say cheeese!
Our key to success is safety, cutting-edge technologies, professionalism.
Say cheeese!
Our key to success is safety, cutting-edge technologies, professionalism.
Say cheeese!
Our key to success is safety, cutting-edge technologies, professionalism.

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Parkhomenko Alexander Grigorievich

Head doctor. Doctor - dentist orthopedist of the highest category. Head of the dental department of the ONMedU medical center

Stanika Irina Sergeevna


Chervonyuk Yulia Yurievna

Dentist surgeon

Zhevakina Evelina Igorevna


 Radchenko Yuliya  Mykolaivna

Сhild dentist, therapist



What payment methods do you have?
Cash and non-cash payments.
Why is it worth contacting us?
High-quality, modern equipment, an experienced and professional team of doctors. Quality control is carried out directly by cliniс CEO.
How is the processing of medical instruments carried out?
For these purposes, we use autoclaves that belong to class "B" in accordance with the European standard EN 13060. They work on the principle of a preliminary vacuum:

  1. the air from the chamber is pumped out by an extremely powerful vacuum;
  2. then water vapor is started up several times, which is immediately pumped out again;
  3. as a result, no air remains in the chamber, in the packed hollow instrument or in textiles;
  4. this is followed by the drying process, which is an important condition for the long-term storage of the sterilized material in the package;
  5. at the end of the procedure, the Vacuklav creates a vacuum.
  6. Sensors and state-of-the-art microprocessor controls regulate the pressure and temperature parameters required for reliable sterilization. Thus, patients can always be confident in the safety and sterility of any manipulations.
Dentistry guarantees
Often, when communicating with a patient, doctor can hear the question: "What is the guarantee for your treatment?" An attempt to compare a guarantee in medicine with the usual guarantees that are provided when a consumer buys goods is not entirely correct. The reason is simple - human biology. The reaction of the body, even to the correct treatment, may vary from person to person.
From the point of view of medicine, any treatment has a FORECAST. Prognosis is a statistical measurement of the ratio of successful to unsuccessful treatment, in close connection with the general condition of the body. This is the term that doctors use. Basing on this, doctor issues a guarantee for the treatment result.

Our discovery

Feedback from our clients

Yulia Shevchenko

August 02, 2022

Hello, I recommend the clinic with all my heart! It was the first time, of course, in suspense, since the experience was negative in other clinics, starting from the smell of the hospital, poor-quality treatment and communication, etc.

Having crossed the threshold of the CheeseDental clinic, I sighed the aroma of cleanliness, like at home, cool music that soothes and sets you up for positive and distraction from problems, friendly and smiling staff, and the staff is sincerely glad to see you, without flattery and intrusive. A very stylish renovation, everything was thought out to the smallest detail, respect to the designer, he put his soul and even more, and what soft chairs, I just went to sleep while brushing my teeth, thanks to Yulia Yuryevna, the surgeon of the clinic gently and sweetly reminded me to open my mouth) Also I was on the removal of a wisdom tooth, did not have time to open my mouth, the tooth is gone! And most importantly, removal without traumatizing the teeth nearby (there was a sad experience in another clinic). Now I am going through the process of dental treatment for crowns and further implantation. I am very satisfied with everything, the quality is just off scale! Come)

Natalia Taran
20 October 2020
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Cheese Dental, especially to the orthopedist Alexander Grigorievich Parkhomenko and the surgeon Yulia Yuryevna Chervonyuk. Doctors with a capital letter literally save lives !!! For the first time in my life in the dental office as for a holiday, and not even scary)))
Elena Shvetsova
22 october 2020
Great clinic! Served by the whole family. All doctors are professionals in their field. And most importantly, after visiting the dentist for the first time in their life, my children gladly went to the clinic again. Many thanks to Dr. Nisso, you are our tooth fairy.)
Alexander Kartashev
01 October 2020
A wonderful, modern clinic. Professionals in their field.
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