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“Medicine is truly the noblest of all arts” Hippocrates said, and I completely agree with him.

I am deeply convinced that there are no hopeless situations in dentistry and there are no obstacles on the way to a healthy and beautiful smile. A team of professionals at the clinic will provide the highest level of services and select the most appropriate treatment option for you. I’ll tell you a little about myself. I graduated from Odessa National Medical University. From the third year he worked in the district clinic at a therapeutic, children’s and orthopedic reception, and after graduating from the university he stayed to work at the university clinic.

Received specialization “dentist-orthopedist”, graduated from a clinical intern. Work experience as an orthopedist – over 15 years. Trained in Liechtenstein at the Ivoclar plant, where he mastered modern developments in direct and indirect restoration, digital dentistry and the manufacture of metal-free crowns using the digital method. Also at the Sirona plant (Germany, Bensheim) he mastered the latest equipment and a full cycle of digital protocol for the manufacture of zirconium constructions and crowns. Through continuous training, he developed treatment protocols for the doctors of the clinic.

I invite you to my second home, Cheese Dental, so that after the visit the idea of ​​dentistry is divided into “before” and “after”.

Our team is professionalism, comfort and quality

Diagnostics translated from ancient Greek - the ability to recognize

Thanks to the latest equipment, we monitor and evaluate your specific case.